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We were given a 1% chance.

2 beautiful daughters later, here's what we've learned...

Our Journey

1% Chance of Having Kids

We have two beautiful daughters. But we were given only a 1% chance.

The reason is that my wife had leukaemia twice and the only treatment options were intensive chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, each of which seriously damage fertility.

My wife ended up having 8 chemo cycles, a near 2 year stay in hospital and an experimental bone marrow transplant using stem cells from the umbilical cord of a newborn baby.

It was Frankenstein stuff. Not only did the doctors give us a low chance of having children but after the relapse my wife’s chances of survival were not much higher.

It is traumatic enough to get cancer at the age of 27 but for it to come back a second time after being given the “all clear” is devastating…

And then to be told that the only treatment that could lead to a cure meant almost certain infertility nearly destroyed us.

But we were lucky.

We thought the relapse was a death sentence.

Our Second IVF Baby
My Two Beautiful IVF Daughters

A Death Sentence

My wife is mixed race and finding a donor had been impossible previously. But, since her original diagnosis a new, experimental form of transplant using stem cells from umbilical cords of newborn babies had been developed. The tissue match criteria are less stringent for these and a baby in Singapore was a close enough match.

She had a chance of living but it meant certain infertility.

She was advised to start treatment immediately to give herself the best chance of survival. But we had to do something.

So, we spoke to a fertility specialist to see if there was anything we could do to preserve our ability to have children.

He explained that IVF success rates are low anyway and that her previous 5 chemo cycles would reduce our chances further. Despite this, he said it was worth trying an IVF cycle to assess the damage and, if possible, freeze embryos for the future.

He made no promises.

The Life We’d Dreamed Of

Compared to the seemingly hopeless position we were in the day before there was a chance of having the life we'd dreamed of.

It was an incredibly emotional time but, thankfully, the IVF cycle worked and we managed to freeze 4 embryos. Words cannot describe how overjoyed we felt.

After much agonising we underwent a further cycle in between chemotherapy and obtained another 4 embryos. It meant a longer break between treatments which increased the chances of the leukaemia returning but we wanted children so badly we took the risk.

Going through chemo is awful. Going through a bone marrow transplant is even worse. The drugs given for the transplant are so damaging that my wife was looked after by the End of Life Care Team.

But she made it.

My IVF Daughter and I
Preparing for IVF Led to My Daughter

Taking Control of Our Fertility

Slowly but surely the transplant took root and she recovered. As I write this it is over 10 years since the transplant and my wife is cured.

A few years later we decided to look into having a baby. We had 8 embryos but that was all we had. We would not be able to get any more. If these embryos didn’t work that was it.

We consulted with the fertility specialist who had treated us previously. He urged caution. Whilst we had 8 embryos they were frozen using old techniques, were very early stage and there was no telling how much damage all the chemotherapy had caused.

If we didn’t know before, we knew now: we had to do everything in our power to give ourselves the best chance.

We spent 5 years and thousands of hours researching every area we could think of. We reviewed thousands of scientific studies relating to IVF covering nutrition, supplements, fitness, psychology and more. We also consulted Chinese medicine practitioners to understand how their philosophy and practices could assist.

We weren’t interested in anything unless it had been proven in scientific studies to increase our chances of success.

Our Discovery

To our surprise we discovered many lifestyle tweaks shown to make a big difference to our chances.

We took everything we had discovered, put together a plan and followed it. My wife became pregnant at the first attempt and our daughter was born in September 2015.

Imagine our joy.

In mid-2017 we decided to try for a second child. The plan had worked the first time so we followed the same steps again. To our delight it worked a second time and our second daughter was born in December 2018.

We were given a 1% chance yet have two children. We achieved this from only two IVF cycles each involving single embryo transfers.

According to the doctors this was near impossible.

But we did it.

We did it because we took control, researched all the things that could help and then did them. Our experiences showed that we were on to something so we decided to set about helping others. Most people do not have the same history but with success rates low even for the best candidates we found that people wanted to reduce the risk of not having a child.

And that, in a nutshell, is what led us to create the IVF Success Plan, the most comprehensive guide to preparing for IVF available.

Whichever path you choose, we wish you well.

Mummy and IVF Baby

So, we've been there.

After “why us?” and “it’s not fair” we were determined not to get to the end and feel we hadn’t tried everything. 5 years and thousands of hours of researching led us to discover simple lifestyle steps proven to significantly increase IVF success.

These are not “old wives’ tales” or perfect cures that someone “swears by” online. They are IVF success tips backed by scientific studies that can transform your chances.

And here’s the thing; many doctors don’t know how effective they are.

Now we want to help you.

What is the IVF Success Plan?

A step-by-step plan to empower and support you in maximising your chances of having a baby. Packed full of IVF success tips and focusing purely on IVF, IUI and ICSI, the steps are backed by scientific studies and real-world experience.

Significantly Boost Your Chances of Having a Baby

Take Back Control

Reduce the Risk of Paying 000s for Multiple Cycles

What People are Saying

I never realised there was so much we could do to improve our chances. Or how much our lifestyle can affect things.

Without the Plan I don't think I would have had my little one.


Until I started looking I had no idea IVF success rates were so low.

Once I realised I knew I had to do everything I could to have my baby.

With the IVF Success Plan I know I am giving myself the best shot.


It was my first IVF cycle and I was desperate to have a baby. I felt empty.

The IVF Success Plan showed me how to make some simple changes to my life and I'm pleased to say that I now have a beautiful baby boy.


I thought no one would ever call me Mummy.

Your Plan helped put me back in control. The studies gave me confidence and the action steps gave me a personalised plan to follow.

I’m overjoyed to be able to say that I now have a healthy baby.


Using scientific studies we will show you:

...and much, much more.

Scientific Studies
Action Steps
Day Money Back Guarantee

Take a peak inside

IVF Success Tips Course

Are you trying to have a baby with IVF?

Why wait? Give yourself the best chance of success.

Increase Your Chances

Take Back Control

Save on Medical Bills

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our promise to you.

Your doctor will tell you there's no guarantee with IVF. But, unlike them, we DO have a guarantee. Any time in the next 180 days, if you feel the Plan isn't for you, just let us know and we'll refund every penny.

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IVF Success... Simplified

The IVF process can seem complicated. And from a medical point of view it is.

But IVF success is quite straightforward.

It comes down to getting 3 things right. If any one of these is not optimised your chances will decrease, no matter how good the others are.

The IVF Success Plan shows you and your partner how to get into the best shape possible for IVF.


Egg Quality & Quantity


Sperm Quality & Quantity


Womb Receptivity

To Optimise These and Boost Your Chances We Cover...


Learn simple tweaks for the perfect IVF diet


Harness the power of nutrients & pre-natal vitamins


Fertility cleanse toxins that destroy success rates


Get fertility fit with easy-to-follow exercises

Our minds

Overcome fear and stress and focus on your goal


Use little-known techniques to obtain the ideal IVF weight

Traditional medicine

Benefit from proven traditional treatments

And more

Other lifestyle tweaks to further boost your chances

All backed by scientific studies

(On people, not animals or test tubes)

...utilising the best medical journals

Are you trying to have a baby with IVF?

Why wait? Give yourself the best chance of success.

Increase Your Chances

Take Back Control

Save on Medical Bills

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our promise to you.

Your doctor will tell you there's no guarantee with IVF. But, unlike them, we DO have a guarantee. Anytime in the next 180 days, if you feel the Plan isn't for you, just let us know and we'll refund every penny.

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